100 w/c – Holly

A long time ago there was a pretty girl, her name was Ellie. One day Ellie was walking along the beach when she saw a pile of bricks, she thought she would clean them up.   As soon as she touched the bricks she realised she was a hairy gorilla. People saw her and started running. One boy even turned yellow. She let go of the bricks ad she was herself again.  But everyone still thought she was wried.  Nobody like her. But she liked herself and that’s all she cared about.

One thought on “100 w/c – Holly”

  1. Hi Holly, there is a very important message in your story and you have put it across very well. Be yourself and like what you are. I like this easy reading story very much it is an excellent 100WC piece and has a really good use of the prompt words. Well done.

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