100 w/c Hasher

One day there was two men walking they saw a man who was cleaning all the leaves in Autumn. They wanted to jump into the leaves but the man would not let them so they tried to sneak up to him. But they did not want to break the nice neat pile. So they asked the man can we jump in it he said”NO! And they did. One day they were walking and they tripped over the leaves and said uh oh we’re would we hide it all. And the man came back and saw. He was mad and chase them all day.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c Hasher”

  1. Hi Hasher. I love the look of all the leaves, but I know why the man was so mad. All that sweeping up – just for his work to be destroyed with one big jump!

  2. I really like your story l could tell you put a lot of efert into the story l really like it l really think that you should keep on whriting more story’s just like this one.

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