100 w/c – Hasher

One rainy day the red snake went to school but he didn’t cycle before so he tried. He tripped again and again. The time was nine o’clock , it took him that long. He never learned how to. He took this seriously, but no one else did. He cried sadly.  One blue snake said, “it’s ok don’t cry.” But he cried and cried again. He always was sad.
But one day he felt different, he felt like he could do it, and he did. And in the end he was happy and he never ever cried again.

3 thoughts on “100 w/c – Hasher”

  1. Hasher,
    The snake certainly showed persistence learning to cycle. I hope others who are struggling to learn will take a cue from such a character as red snake, and not give up.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Hub Buddy Teacher, GES

  2. Hi Hasher,

    I thought your story was great and showed that you really understand that it is important to keep trying and not to give up. That is a very good message for your story. Well done!

    Yanalie (Team 100)

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