100 w/c Emily

Milly and Lilly climbed a steep rocky Mountain. It was two thousand feet tall. Lilly fell into a puddle on the mountain, she was all soggy and wet. Milly fell over her and hurt her arm. They both got up and went on up the mountain. They stopped to look at the amazing view. They were excited about what would it be like at the summit. Suddenly a bird flew by, Milly shouted with excitement at it. It was a golden eagle. They continued to the top. Finally Milly and Lilly got up to the cloud covered summit. They were exhausted. So they started their descent.

One thought on “100 w/c Emily”

  1. Hi Emily, this is Evie C ( your 100wc partner). I thought this was a very good piece of work!

    I like the language you used like: summit, descent.

    Maybe next time use some different sentence starters like: suddenly, next, as time went on.

    From Evie C Bidston Avenue Primary School.

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