100 w/c – Emily

Early Christmas Eve morning my sister and me woke up our mother and father. We had a wonderful breakfast. My father brought us on a long walk. When we got back we watched a good Christmas film to get us in the Christmas spirit. After we got on our fluffy new pyjamas for Santa. My sister and I were getting excited to see what the morning would bring. I went to bed and I read a story. It finally came, Christmas! My sister and I woke up our mother and father. We saw footprints on the floor and I wondered what was behind the door…. it was lots of presents

One thought on “100 w/c – Emily”

  1. Hello Emily, Christmas is such a wonderful time isn’t it? I think you have been able to create this excitement in your story. I love how you had “new fluffy pyjamas” to show the importance of Christmas eve and I’m so glad there were lots of presents behind the door.

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