100 w/c Emily

It was a hot Summer’s day.  My mother decided to bring me and my friends to Ardillan Castle.  We were excited as we got into the car and headed off. We went straight to the playground. We were all having great fun, climbing and running.  Suddenly one of my friends was sad.  He had lost his favourite Lego man.  We all split up to look for it.  We looked high and low.  Under bushes and up trees. One friend saw a trail of Ladybirds and we all followed them.  We were all in amazement that at the end of the trail was the Lego man, surrounded by ladybirds!

One thought on “100 w/c Emily”

  1. Hi Emily,
    I love your story because I love going to the playground,
    It reminds me of when I lost my Lego man in a field so it was really like trying to find a needle in a hay stack but I never found it,
    Danny Mrs Boyce’s Class.

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