100 w/c – Dylan S

One very stormy night, there were three stone statues at the park in Tipperary. All of them got struck by lightning and came alive.
They were getting bored of the park, so they got a train to Dublin city. When they got there it was the morning time.
They were really hungry so they decided to go to the biggest restaurant they could find. As they were so tall, it needed to be one with a VERY big roof! Finally they found a place to eat. It was very modern and fancy. Not only did it have the best mashed potatoes in the world, it had their favourite dessert… Rocky Road!!!!!

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – Dylan S”

  1. Great story Dylan. I laughed when I read about the mashed potato as my son says I make the best mashed potato in the world – and I believe him! I like the way you described the statues coming alive, getting bored and getting in on a train to Dublin. Well done!

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