100 w/c – Dale

Last summer I went camping with my family in the countryside. One evning my Dad said “will we go for a walk through the forest”? I shouted back to him “yes”! As we reached the forest the crimson sun started to set,but we kept going. When we were about half way in all of a sudden it started to get very misty. My Dad and I got separated and we couldn’t find each other. I frantically calld out for my Dad as I thought that I was in grave danger. Then he came out of the mist and carried me safely back to the tent.

3 thoughts on “100 w/c – Dale”

  1. Hello Dale, you have used the challenge words well. They have made your story very descriptive. I like how you have structured your story from, happy, scary then happy again. It can be really scary when there is mist or fog restricting your view. The image of dad carrying you back to the tent is a good one. Well done.

  2. Hi Dale!
    I liked the words you used like crimson was an excellent word to use.
    I wonder what happened when that misty wind came?
    I liked the part where you went back to the tent.

    Bye from Adam Mrs Boyce’s class.

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