100 w/c – Craig

The parade is finally here, the St. Patricks’parade. I was at the parade. Firstly I saw advertising oabout baths, please who wants a bath when you can have a shower I thought. Secondly there were drums that you strap around your back. Thirdly there were fighters on back of a truck. Next were all the football, gaelic, hurling, hockey and athletics clubs. Mr Orange the singer sang Shotgun. Dancers behind him danced to the tune. After that a stormtrooper walked clumsily down the road. Next a van came over and gave out Whispas, Double Decker bars and bags of candy.

One thought on “100 w/c – Craig”

  1. Hey Craig! I loved how your writing was about a St. Patrick’s day parade. Did you know that in America we have a St. Patrick’s day parade also. In Illinois we make Lake Michigan green. I wrote about a girl’s first dance. I love your idea too. Next time go in to your writing and do a grammar check one last time before you post.
    Happy writing
    Zainab in Illinois

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