100 w/c – Charlie

Once upon a time I went to a party I wore an orange t-shirt.It was a very good party we had a humongous obstacle course bouncy castle.I danced very clumsily.Then we put on a movie with a fighter called Throx,he had to fight loads ginormous monsters.The next day me and my family went to a circus.There were loads of acts people in a steel cage went on motorbikes they were extremely loud.People were using throwing knifes that were on fire.Then we went to Mc Donald’s I had a Big Mac,we went home,my Mam had a bath.The two days were extremely fun.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – Charlie”

  1. Hi Charlie! I liked your story idea. What made you like of your idea? An idea is you can do spaces after a period for the next sentece. I was wondering what mam was? Was it suppoused to be mom?

  2. Hi Charlie. I liked your peace and how you told the throwing knives. But the begging I think you could have not put in “Once upon a time” and put in “a time at a sleepover where no won was sleeping.” also I think you should have made up a resonant.

    other than that I liked it so I hope you check out my peace at Kid blog.
    From Donavin in Illinois.

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