100 w/c – Caitlin

It has been a brilliant day. Me, my brother Matthew and my mam had been out all day. When we were on our way home down a very busy road and we could hear very loud horns going all around us. Nobody was around except for a suspicious looking man wearing dark clothes. He was carrying a very strange looking camera. It was HUGE and was black with green dots. He turned to me and pointed the camera at me and said “Beware you’re in for a scare”. I turned to my mam to tell her and she had been turned into a statue. Matthew was turned into a statue too.
“Run, before you look like the rest of your family” the man said.
The flash went off and I could not move.

3 thoughts on “100 w/c – Caitlin”

  1. Hi Caitlin,

    What a great (and scary!) 100WC! I loved the ending, you did a superb job of building suspense and leaving the reader on a cliffhanger.

    Keep up the fantastic work Caitlin!

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