100 w/c by Zach

The year was 1884 the sky was filled with black smog. In the streets of London there were two Lords, Lord Tom and Lord Charles. They were heading to a get the rent from their residents. Lord Tom blew into his pocket square Lord Charles had no patience so he pointed the way he was heading. All of a sudden Lord Tom was pushed to the cold damp ground and had his pocket watch, wallet and shoes robbed off his feet. He screamed for the constables, a shot was let out, Lord Tom fell and there was a loud thud…

2 thoughts on “100 w/c by Zach”

  1. Hello Zach
    I loved your story because of the brilliant grammar.
    I wonder what happened next?
    Why was Lord Charles so inpatient?
    Was it Lord Zach who got shot or was it the robber?
    Colin 5th class Ms Boyce

  2. Hi Zach! Well done on writing your story. What a terrible experience that must have been for Lord Tom – of course the big questions are who did this, is Lord Tom going to be ok and the big question… what happens next?! Well done again and keep up the great work!

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