100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a terrible day in Tralee, Co. Kerry. There was a hurricane. Dad was driving home from work at Kerry Gold (Butter Factory). As he drove by a power cable it fell on to his car (Porsche). He was hit and the power went out. The family was scared stiff. Alex was screaming with fright. The house went cold suddenly, darkness enveloped the room, “Where is Dad?” yelled Morgan. He was in hospital in a coma. The car was destroyed. Morgan was horrified that the car was ruined. The cause of the accident was wet roads. Alex was glad Dad was ok. A horrible day for the family.

One thought on “100 w/c by Tadhg”

  1. Ok I have one question, is this real?
    Also Morgan is a savage, she only cared about the car not her dad, that’s savage
    Love this piece your the bet writer keep up the amazing job 🙂

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