100 w/c by Rose

I sprinted down the corner down my street, or it was my street. It was just dawn and there was a broken phone still playing the news from yesterday.

EveryonE LoCk yoUr windOwS AnD do0rS, sTaY ins1dE yOuR hoUseS! A DeAdLy anD ConTagiOuS virUs hAs br0kEn oUt, pleasE RemA1n Ca1M…”.

They were so late! I ran to my house, I needed 1 more ingredient to finally have the antidote. My mom works at the lab where the virus was found out and she made the antidote. But.. she didn’t make it. I was confronted by so many dead corpses. Some were rotting. I ran inside and the minute I came inside, darkness enveloped the room. I looked around and saw more corpses. And the were lying around the final ingredient.

One thought on “100 w/c by Rose”

  1. 1. You used the wrong ‘ in the third line
    2. This would be a good book for Covid-19
    3. This is a noice story

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