100 w/c by Rose

” I actually can’t believe this! They really left me here didn’t they!” I thought as I pushed myself past the green leaves of the very thick woods. I was supposed to go camping with my parents but that obviously was their real intention. I noticed that it was getting dark and the little woodland creatures were starting to make noises. I soon found a clearing and made a small but strong teepee. I then needed to find a some food for myself, so I went a little deeper into the woods but making sure I knew the way back. I was picking some ripe looking berries when I heard a pitiful howl. I looked around and saw a little boy. With scratches and cuts and a hungry looking face.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c by Rose”

  1. I actually saw a boy named Brady and he was in the woods alone and i took him home
    I liked how you described the boy how he was scratched, he had cuts, and he was hungry
    Maybe if you put a little more detail it would have been a little improving
    You did a great job with your story

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