100 w/c by Rose

Adrienne and Aiden were walking along Adrienne’s grandmother’s garden. It was vast and full of varieties of flowers and butterflies. They wanted to go up to the gate which kept the garden separated from the misty forest. The two walked along until they spotted a small rose brooch among the flower petals. ”Incredible” Adrienne whispered, she held it in her hand. The moment she touched it, a cold whisp of air swarmed around the kids and then a girl formed from the air, she had one eye and the other was just her socket. She whispered in a raspy voice ….” That’s Mine.”

One thought on “100 w/c by Rose”

  1. Hey Rose i really liked your post about the one eyed girl and all that stuff. it was very good. I was wondering though how you said the girl had one eye and the other was just her socket do you mean like it was just her eye ball socket? But anyways it was a pretty good piece.

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