100 w/c by Rose

”Get me out of here you idiots!!” Zoe yelled at two guards who worked for the mental hospital at castle rock road. Why was she here, just ’cause she loves blood doesn’t mean she’s insane! They hauled her into a cell with a bunch of other people with different problems, there was one dude rolling around the floor whispering ”Time is an illusion’.’ And one other guy splattering black and white saying, ”we are just puppets!’ In a mad hatter voice. I needed to escape. I was a very crafty woman and killed just a few guards and, I felt the Autumn leaves crunch beneath me feet. ‘They kept me there for 3 MONTHS!’ Zoe thought’

‘They’re gonna pay…’

3 thoughts on “100 w/c by Rose”

  1. Gosh, Zoe is very scary! Well done on building such a character in 100 words! Fantastic work!

  2. Hi Rose,

    That is a really good story line. Your writing appears mature enough to understand ways of the human mind. Maybe, you would want look at the punctuation towards the end of the story.
    Great writing, Rose.

  3. Hello Rose, you have created quite a complicated story here with some disturbing images. I think, the dialogue adds to the interest of the story and engages the reader so they want to know more. Your main character is pretty scary. The fact that she says, “…killed just a few guards”, suggests she thinks this is OK, as it wasn’t a lot of guards. This made me engage with this character even though I didn’t particularly like her. Well done.

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