100 w/c by Rorí

”Ouch!” I shouted.

“I’ve being stung by a wasp as we walked through the river bed” I screamed.

“Here have a Powerade” said mam

Out of nowhere my dad said “ I’ve never seen the river bed so dry”. As we walked further and further we saw a dirtbird. We went to pet it but it was snatched by a snake. We got terrified so we ran to a city called nantown. We looked back and saw that it had turned into a terridactile. We ran for three minutes and then we lost it. We heard a whistling noise we looked up and saw oval shaped thing falling from the sky. It was a bomb.

One thought on “100 w/c by Rorí”

  1. Hi I’m Sam. I like Powerade too. I like that the story has dialogue and more than one character. Was the snake a shape shifter?

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