100 w/c by Rhys

One day I was at NASAto do the space trial we’re on the space ship but it just wouldn’t take off so then we were stuck in the rocket ship we were stuck in there for two years. Two years later the doors opened and then my life span was prolonged by two years to my luck the rocket was in the vicinity but the chances were futile the guards were insinuated in a way there was plants growing and flourishing. The guards are a bit of a nuisance and there was one erratic guard one guard has a imaginary friend

3 thoughts on “100 w/c by Rhys”

  1. Well done Rhys on your story this week. Don’t forget to use punctuation, full-stops and commas, so that your story makes sense to your readers. You have a good imagination for story writing.
    Ms Brennock

  2. Hi Rhys
    I really liked your story I liked the bit when the rocket wouldn’t take off and you were stuck in there for two years.
    I wonder why it wouldn’t take off.
    I really liked your story keep it up
    From Liam A
    Mrs Boyces class

  3. Hi Rhys I thought your story was good. I would liked to see you add more detail. You did a great job on telling me what exactly happened. Bye.

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