100 W/C by Oliwia

“Gareth,” I could hear Bill saying my name. I suddenly felt a slight nudge on my left shoulder I turned to look at Bill and saw his unimpressed face. “Come on,” he said, “get out the truck and help me unload these boxes”. I got out of the truck and started helping Bill with the boxes, we were nearly done when I noticed a large box near the end of the truck, I waited for Bill to come back so he could help me, we tried to pick up the box but it was heavier than I expected. I got kind of annoyed and peered in to see what was inside, and what I saw was terrifying and intriguing at the same time.

One thought on “100 W/C by Oliwia”

  1. Hi Oliwia

    Great story it reminds me of the green arches a story.

    I wonder what was in the box?
    Mrs Boyces,5th class

    from Aidan

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