100 w/c by Oliwia

It was an ordinary work day for Mike, like every other, you see Mike’s a pilot. At first glance it might sound interesting but if you’ve been flying people back and forth for 15 years it’s gonna get boring. Until 10 pm that night, he was flying to Italy from England, nothing new for him but right as the plane was about to set off flying into the night sky it just stopped. Mike tried to steer it or do something when it just wouldn’t take off at first neither he nor his partner knew what to do. They later found out that the engine had failed and the flight got delayed.

One thought on “100 w/c by Oliwia”

  1. Well done Oliwia. You have written an excellent story. I like how you have used the prompt this week. Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock

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