100 w/c by Niamh

It was a lovely sunny day. I was going to the park with my mam and dad on my bicycle. I had to put on my pink helmet. When we got to the park there was someone blowing bubbles. I ran over to pop the bubbles. After I popped the bubbles we went into the forest, there was alot of trees, beside one of he trees was a box and I asked my mam and dad could I open it. They said yes. It is empty and I was disappointed. When we were leaving the forest someone fired a gun and I was scared.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c by Niamh”

  1. Hey Niamh Its me your hub buddy from the USA
    Your story was great on a summer day background
    Over here in the Usa is full of snow (winter time)
    Your story was great no corrections just fine

    From your hub buddy ,Adhitya.krishnamoorthy

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