100 w/c by Mia

‘Happy birthday!’ exclaimed Mam. Her, my brother and my cousin all woke me up.

At last, my birthday was here. ‘Well what are you waiting for?’ asked Mam excitedly. ‘Open your presents’, I looked towards the foot of the bed and there was a little pile of gifts. I opened each one. I got a Polariod camera, a Broadway album and a new outfit. Sadly, I didn’t get what I wanted most. My brother noticed I was slightly disappointed and began to smirk. ‘Logan,’ Mam warned him. We went downstairs and there it was a beautiful, yellow, vintage bicycle . I spent the rest of the day greedily eating cake.

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  1. Hi! I absolutely LOVED your story! My class and I didn’t this too! Did this really happen? Is it true, because if it is, that’s an amazing birthday!! Great job!!!!😁

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