100 w/c by Matthew

Once upon a time me and my mam were in a big scary, forest in the middle of nowhere. It was a mild spring day. My mam and I saw a monstrosity of a bee, so we decided to put on our detective suits and we took pictures of the extremely large bee. It look like he got hit by something or lost energy. Suddenly we thought to look for water and sugar to give him energy, my mam some how had the ingredients so we gave the bee the water and sugar and unexpectedly the bee was on his feet, he lived happily ever after.

3 thoughts on “100 w/c by Matthew”

  1. Hi Matthew! We talked about the bee and the 2 people with the suits! Were the people real or toys? Maybe you should put in the people’s names. You did good at describing things, like when you said “big and scary’’ that describes the forest. I love your story!

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