100 w/c by Matthew

One morning, Jerry woke up and got his breakfast. Suddenly, he heard a big bomb and he remembered that it was World War one. He ran up the stairs and put on his army gear and grabbed his car keys. He zoomed down the stairs and out the front door, he jumped in his car drove straight to his army base, it was five minutes away. He went into the base straight away, he went up the stairs and the guys were waiting for him, the cannon was lined up to their opponents. There were six bombs being fired at once. The enemy’s base was destroyed.

One thought on “100 w/c by Matthew”

  1. Hi Matthew I love this piece, I like how you used words like “Zoomed” and “Jumped”. I like how you made this story suspenseful and elaborated while still fitting 100 words in your piece. Keep writing!
    Amina Abbas
    Guilderland New York
    GES at FMS

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