100 w/c by Matthew

Once upon a time Timmy and I went to a library. Timmy said its great the library is only down the road. I know said I. We went in and there was so many books ,Timmy went straight to the football books. I went to war books. I looked in a war book and it was a fill in the blank book. I went over to Timmy and he said he already rented 6 books, WHAT we’ve only been in here for five minutes he said he wanted to go home so I rented a book called World War 1. I said to myself so what will I write on this page. I was then on the moon. I could breathe somehow. Now I live on the moon.

One thought on “100 w/c by Matthew”

  1. Hello Matthew,
    I love how there are so many different topics that can be explored in a library, so your characters could both find information on their areas of interest. It’s unusual to be able to write in library books, but I saw that you mentioned it was a ‘Fill in the blanks’ book. It must have been some sort of magic book for you to suddenly end up on the moon! Mind you, I think that would be better than ending up somewhere in WWI!
    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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