100 w/c by Jasmin

”Mam I really don’t want to go” Mason complained.

“Well you have to, we all have to” Mam replied.

When we arrived to the family event I could feel everyone looking at us already. “Mam, may I go to the bathroom please?” I asked wanting to leave, “Yes you can, hurry and don’t be too long!” I rushed to the bathroom pushing by crowds of relatives. I arrive to the bathroom and made a plan, I jump out the window and run through the packed parking lot. Suddenly I hear shouting, it was my uncle Barry, I’ve never seen him run so fast, his round belly jiggling, his cabbage shaped head bobbing and his hair blowing in the humid air as he ran as fast as his legs can take him. I continued running till I could no longer hear uncle Barry’s giant footsteps behind me… I stopped to think to myself whilst looking at the grey clouds in the sky, BANG “what on earth was that” I turn around in fear…. There was uncle Barry splattered on the concrete path. A lot of thoughts raced through my mind, I decide I should probably go and ask him if he’s okay, I nervously walk over and turn my head down to look at him, “Oh hey” Barry says.

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  1. This is brilliant work Cliona, you should be proud! Very well written but also super captivating. I particularly liked your description of uncle Barry’s cabbage shaped head. Well done for using the prompts and turning them into an intense story. Can’t wait to see more from you.

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