100 w/c by Jasmin

“Nobody really knows, this is the only explanation that is the most realistic” The tour guide lady, Maria, explained. We were visiting the Italian history museum, visiting the large metal structure which no one knows how it got there or how it formed or was made. “We believe the other worldly creatures may have built it as a worship around the year 240 BC, our proof is that there are tiny non human finger tip like fingerprints, but not from the dna of any human, tiny, almost triangular, although this is not much evidence there is no other explanation for such thing.” What do you think it is? Or how did it get there?

2 thoughts on “100 w/c by Jasmin”

  1. Jasmin, I loved your story. One thing that I loved about your story is that it is very ´´unknown´´ Another thing I loved about your story is that you added a lot of detail. It made me want to read on. One thing I could relate to about your story is that it is very mysterious, and I love finding out mysteries. But overall I think that your piece is very good, and it all made sense.

  2. I wrote a 100 word challenge about this prompt too. Nice story! It’s funny how its ‘unknown’ Do you have a connection with the setting.

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