100 w/c by Jasmin

A gloomy Friday afternoon, New york.

As I was walking home from a long day at school I was doing my usual, observing people and what they are doing. For example today as I strolled down the sidewalk, I observed a hungry child jumping and yelling at their mother to hurry, a lady with a neon pink hat with a yellow ribbon at the side, and lady whose painting got wrecked by the downpour of icy cold rain. I like to observe people while I’m walking home it really shows how much we evolve over the years. Suddenly I got thrown back to reality as I slipped over the crack in the concrete pathway and fell right into a revolving door to my apartment building.

One thought on “100 w/c by Jasmin”

  1. Nice story and way to make a creative story without just trying to use the words.

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