100 w/c by Jasmin

Sunny, Friday afternoon, they were on a walk through Green Grassy parks. Emma nearly fell down a drain, but what’s new! Emma spotted a dog but the dog looked neglected, starved and very thirsty. Tadgh being Tadgh, took the dog with him. ” We should go to the shop to get food and water for him.” Chirped Emma. They were on the way to the shop when they heard a noise. “Did you hear that?” Said Tadgh. “Nope!” replied Emma.

“WHICH WAY TO THE SHOPS” “HELLO PEOPLE DO YOU HEAR MEE??” Panted the dog. Emma and Tadgh were left in shock.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c by Jasmin”

  1. Wow! What a great plot twist. I hope you write some more of this story, the talking dog would make a very interesting character.

  2. Hello Jasmin,

    Such a vivid imagination! Thank you for that story line. Who in their dreams would expect a frail dog to speak up. Keep writing, Jasmin.

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