100 w/c by Holly

At midnight, the rain started. I could hear the rain hitting off my bicycle. Desperate for food, I ran to the kitchen. At the end of the kitchen, lay a yellow fruit bowl. Only an apple was in the bright bowl. Greedily I snatched the apple. The rain got louder and louder. I ran back upstairs as quick as lightning. I swore I heard ghosts and witches, but nothing was there. I warned my brother that there might be such things as ghosts. He ran into my parents room in horror only to find they weren’t our parents…

3 thoughts on “100 w/c by Holly”

  1. Hi Holly ,

    I loved your story. I’ve got to admit I got a bit scared there at the end.
    Keep up the amazing work..

    From Jessica H

  2. Okay then, I think the story was great, I like on how it was a horror movie type.
    Do you like horror movies? I love horror movies.
    I think you should make more of these.

  3. Wow. Amazing story. A bit scary though. I loved it!!! Awesome job!! We did this too! Yours was great! Keep up the good work!! 😄

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