100 w/c by Emmanuel

It was a hot summer’s day, And there was a new family moving into the neighbourhood. They were very desperate to meet everybody. Every house they went to were warned about the evil neighbour who lived across the street. Everyone was very careful about the old lady in the house because they always heard loud sounds. All the neighbours decided to go to the police station as it was in the vicinity of their houses. The family decided to put on their yellow jackets and went to the lady’s house, they instantly regretted it, the lady opened the door and gave them sweets and the greedily ate them she asked them to come in and they were never seen again.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c by Emmanuel”

  1. Hello Emmanuel, this is an interesting story. It’s a bit sad too, with the friendly family disappearing just because they wanted to be nice. I think it was good that you explained what the other neighbours thought. Well done.

  2. Hi my name is Maiyah I loved how mysterious it was and scary but why did they go to the house if the neighbors told them not to

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