100 w/c by Daniels

It was Sunday night and I was just taking a walk through the park. Suddenly I looked at the pond, there was a fish stuck in someone elses rubbish. I ran over to help it, I untangled it from the rubbish and it swam away into the depths of the pond. When I got home I stopped for a moment and said ‘but does it make any difference to me?’

A few days later my friend littered and I said, ‘stop, why did you do that?’ My friend answered,’it won’t make a difference to climate change.’

Yes it will.

One thought on “100 w/c by Daniels”

  1. That was very clever how you showed that a lesson had been learnt from a real experience (the fish). The last sentence is really strong (short and to the point). As you had outlined the issue of the fish, as a reader, that example was still in my mind and you didn’t have to say more. Well done.

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