100 w/c by Callum

It was a cold night in Toonsville, 101 Hillart Street. I was walking on a creepey old road. I kneeded a new clock so I went to a shop that only opened on midnight, as I got closer it started getting more scarey because the lights started turning off, There was no cars on the road. I started getting tired so I got a nice warm coffee. I finally got to the shop …gradually, things started to move… the clocks started racing and then the very old owner came and said are you here for a clock. You are my first customer.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c by Callum”

  1. Hi Callum. You used so very good descriptive words in your story so I could get a good sense of what it felt like for your character. I think I would be really scared and tired as well. I’m glad that the character got to have a coffee. You did make me wonder what will happen next. Great effort.

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