100 w/c by Brian

One exciting day I was going to Dublin Airport, with my friends. We were going to Liverpool to see Liverpool vs Manchester City. Our flight was at 1 o’clock so we had a bit of time. We went and got lunch. When we were finished, we realised it was 2 o’clock. We just sat down and played on our phones until it was 4 o’clock. 4 o’clock came by pretty quickly. We were getting on the plane and it looked amazing. We were about to start moving when it just wouldn’t take off… Part two coming soon.

3 thoughts on “100 w/c by Brian”

  1. Great writing Brian. I like how you are using more describing words in your writing. You are getting better and better each week.
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

  2. Hello Brian, I really like how you have built your story showing the excitement and happiness about getting on the plane and going to the Liverpool vs Manchester City match. That was certainly something to be excited about!!! Who were you going to cheer for? I hope it was Manchester City? I like how you left it to the very end to let us know the problem with the plane.

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