100 w/c by Brian

One day my friends and I decided to go to the museum. When we got there we saw a statue of two men. It was pretty interesting. When we were finished with that we went inside. We saw loads of interesting things, like dinosaur bones and loads of historical things. At about four o’clock we decided to leave. When we were leaving we realised that we were lost! To make matters worse the museum closed at half past four. We were in a panic. We were looking around and we ran into guide and he showed us the way out.

4 thoughts on “100 w/c by Brian”

  1. Hi Brian.
    I like your story because I like museums.
    I wonder how ye got lost and it must have been scary.
    Good work.

    Goodbye From Adam
    Mrs Boyce 5th class.

  2. Hi Brian I liked your story because It reminds me of the time I got lost in a supermarket . I wonder if you would of got out if it was not for the employee. bey for now Kristupas Mrs Boyces 5th class

  3. Hi Brian well done on writing such a great story. I’m so glad that the guide was able to help you to get out before the museum closed for the night. But what if it was a magic museum like in the movie Night at the Museum? That would be so cool, wouldn’t it?! Keep up the great work Brian!

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