100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time was a man called Mr Brown. He owned a banana company called Giraffe. One day he decided to get a pack of bananas from his step brother to see what they tasted like. When he ordered the bananas the next day they came melted and mushy. Mr Brown took one and said it had way too much salt. Before the meeting he had he was late because his hair was greasy and he needed a shower. When he showed up to the meeting his step brother was there and he said he made the bananas four months ago. Angrily Mr Brown stood up and punched his brother and he was never seen again.

One thought on “100 w/c by Ben”

  1. Hey Ben, you are a good writer. The story when Mr.Brown own a banana company it was really good.
    You should put a period between Mr and Brown but the story was really fun too

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