100 w/c by Ashton

The sea police were going through their land. Their boat was a monstrosity so were their uniforms they were so old, older than Santa. They were in the sea and saw other boats and went over to them. When they got near the other boats they floated away from them. ‘Get them! They could be miscreants,’ the captain shouted. They chased them and when they caught up they blasted a cannon ball. Their ship exploded! ‘Yes, its our chance to get them. Attack!!!’ It was a hard battle. We won in the end. What a day!

2 thoughts on “100 w/c by Ashton”

  1. I really loved your story. I felt like i was in it you put so much detail. Good Job!!!! I would’ve liked to know why the sea police were in the ocean and why the other ships decided to attack yours. Other than that great story and i loved it! In our school we have gym before the end of the day. What do you do before the end of the day?

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