100 w/c by Ashton

In a kingdom in a different universe everyone was tiny. The houses, the planes and cars. The secret researcher was going through the land. He had a friend named Bob and they were going through their land with their weird suits. Suddently a big yellow thing came at them. They attacked it and they finally killed it and looked into it.

‘What is this?’

‘I don’t know!’

‘Want to tell the boss?’


‘The boss, when he knows what it is, he will tell everyone.’

‘Ok let’s call it a bee.’

‘Ok don’t tell anyone ,put it in the testing room.’

‘OK! Got it!’

3 thoughts on “100 w/c by Ashton”

  1. Awesome i like the part when the one man said ‘No!! don’t tell boss!
    Nothing was bad no problems.

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