100 w/c by Abby

Hey guys, welcome back to our channel. Today we are going to be doing twin telepathy. How this game works is…. you need to put a board in between you and there will be three things to pick from. The first thing that will be in front is marmite, Nutella and ketchup. Sophie picked marmite because she thought James didn’t like it. James picked marmite because he loved it but Sophie said ‘James you don’t like that.’ “No,” he said, “I like marmite.” Sophie was confused but they just carried on with the game. James won the game by one point.

3 thoughts on “100 w/c by Abby”

  1. hi Abby
    I liked your story
    I found it good and liked the part when james said he liked marmite

    ok bye
    mrs boyce class:]

  2. Hi Abby I loved your story because you included YouTube.
    It reminded me of my story.
    I wonder how you thought of it.

    BYE FROM Dylan

    Mrs Boyces Class 🙂

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