100 w/c – Bobby

It was a sunny afternoon in Singapore. We had planned to go to dinner with all our family on our first day of our holidays. On the way to the restaurant we came across a family of three marble statues, a very large statue, a medium sized one and a small one. They had no eyes, mouth or nose. They looked sad standing together in the small scorching sun. They looked like they were discussing what they were going to have for dinner, as they were standing outside the restaurant we were going into. I had lasagne on a marble plate, it was delicious.

3 thoughts on “100 w/c – Bobby”

  1. Hi Bobby
    I like the way that you saw the statues but then just decided to carry on with your day. I particularly like your description of the looking sad standing in the sun, it makes the reader wonder about them being there and wonder what might happen next.
    Miss T team 100wc
    Hampshire, England

  2. Hi Bobby, This story made me a little bit sad. I imagined the family were very hungry and they were watching everyone going into the restaurant for dinner. Your dinner sounds very good though!

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