100 w/c – Benito

One Fabulous day there were three people. They were all statues, there names were Brian, Steve and Kevin. One day they were having a conversation, “I wish we could travel to places” said Brian.

“Me too” said Steve.

“Me three!” said Kevin.

Suddenly a boy came along and he said hello to the statues. The statues said hello back to them. Although the boy was horrified,

“So you guys can talk” said the boy,”you guys are silly statues!”

‘Yep!’ they replied.

The statues said “Do you want to be our very special friend?”.

The boy replied ‘sure thing’ And they all became best friends. They lived happily ever after.

4 thoughts on “100 w/c – Benito”

  1. Hi Benito.
    I like the part that they become friends and live happily ever after.
    I wonder how the statues can talk.
    Bye from Adam MrsBoyceclass.

  2. hi benito
    I loved the part were they becme special friends
    it remindes me of wen harry became friends with ron in harry potter
    keep up with te good work
    from colin
    Ms Boyces class

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