100 w/c – Ben

The Europa league final 2017. Manchester united vs Ajax. The managers Jose Mourinho

and Peter Bosz. United kick off. early in the game Pogba nearly scored a volley.2 minutes later Rashford nearly scores. Darmian threw it to Mata and Mata hits it in the six yard box and Fellaini just about misses it for a header. Ajax nearly hit it in but Romero saved it. United get the counter attack and when Pogba shot it reminded me of time when I scored a goal outside the box like his. Its the next half and Ajax took tip. Four minutes later united get a corner and Mkhitaryan scores. Fellaini nearly scores a header again. Ajax nearly score a fantastic goal. The game ends two nil.

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  1. Hello Ben, I really enjoyed reading this. You brilliantly capture the quick pace of a football match with your short and sharp sentences. I don’t often watch football matches but next time I do I’m definitely going to remember this great piece of writing. Keep scoring those goals – on the pitch as well as with your pen and paper!

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