100 w/c- Ben H

One day there were three people outside of a restaurant. A mysterious man came over and asked if he could get a picture of them.
They though it was weird but said yes to the man, so the man took a picture of them but when he took the picture suddenly they all turned to stone. They were stuck in one spot and could not move. The man who took the picture with his magic camera ran away from the scene. The three people were doomed to stay as stone statues forever until somebody could find a way to break the curse.

4 thoughts on “100 w/c- Ben H”

  1. HI Ben H
    loved your story about the magic camera
    it was a super story keep up the great work BEN!!!!!!
    from Colin mrs boyces class.

  2. There are a lot of mysterious men with mysterious cameras in the 100 wc stories this week. I really hope I’m not approached by anyone fitting that description. I’ll just have to say NO! Very good story to match the prompt Ben.

  3. Hi Cliona,

    I really enjoyed reading your story. I am extremely intrigued as to how the people will become unstuck. You have used the prompt very nicely!

    Miss Rebecca
    Team 100.
    Phuket, Thailand.

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