100 w/c Ben

It is the night of UFC 229. The main event is Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurgamedov.

First fights are the undercard. The training for Conor was hard. He had to eat an orange as well for Khabib. A few hours before the fight they got in a bath and did an ab workout. They have been training for more than six months.

I’m on Mcregor’s side because he’s from Dublin. Conor McGregor is my favourite fighter. On the night of the fight Mcregor lost by a rare naked choke that made him tap. The night was over and Khabib won in the 5th round. At the end of the fight khabib attacked Conor but Conor didn’t press any charges and khabib dan

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  1. HI ben!
    Your piece was good it has mistakes like”and khabib dan” do you mean won. Also conor is spelled connor. But your piece was good

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