100 w/c – Ashley

”Wake up Lilly !” I was rudely awoken by the sound of my mam shouting at me. Just then I remembered I was going on holidays! I leaped out of bed like a flash of lightning.

A few hours later, finally I am on the plane on the way to Lanzarote!

I am in my apart-hotel now and I just saw a little girl fall. It reminded me of a time when I broke my ankle, it was very sore. I was only four and the ward was very scary at night time and smelled horrible. Oh and the creaks and sounds, I hate thinking about it!

Well I’m off to the pool, fingers crossed I don’t break any bones!

One thought on “100 w/c – Ashley”

  1. Hi Ashley,
    I really enjoyed reading your story this week. Well done.
    The prompt fitted perfectly into your story.
    Isn’t it funny how our mind works? – How seeing something can just trigger a memory?
    Hopefully, you’ll have no broken bones this time!
    Good work this week.

    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)


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