100 w/c – Ashley

Hello,this is the Daily Mail and today we are going to be telling you about weird,wonderful and funny news.

In Canada people are celebrating a day called “Water Sunday”.

Your probably wondering “what is that?” well it is when lots of people go outside and have a bath! Now that is weird!!!

The famous Jong Chau, the Japanese fighter, was at his boxing match.But was very clumsily beaten.He fell over his own foot, after that he walked into the ropes and finally his opponent boxed his arm and Jong boxed himself !!!

Georgia Darcy, the hip hop dancer, fans went MAD because they saw her eating an orange! Sadly the crowd wasso big that four people were taken hospital. Thankfully not life threatening and two were arrested .

One thought on “100 w/c – Ashley”

  1. Hi Ashley! I like the way you presented the writing by making it the news for the day. I also like how you put the words in so it’s like you just put them in and you didn’t have to use them. I also wrote about someone being a fighter, but it was a Halloween costume. Is there a thing as weird as “water Sunday”? One thing you could do is focus a little more on one topic or put two and add a little more detail. Hope you write back. From Celine in Illinois

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