100 w/c – Abby

It all started with the giant Lego castle I had built. I brought it outside where I could play beside my favourite Ladybird tree. As I walked towards the tree I tripped and as you can imagine the Lego was everywhere, one Lego man even landed in with the ladybirds. It was my soldier Lego man, the one I built the castle for in the first place. When I went to pick him up all the ladybirds crawled all over him like they were protecting him. I said to myself “maybe I will give the ladybirds my castle so he can protect them instead”.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – Abby”

  1. What a great story! The plot worked really well and I love the idea of the ladybirds protecting the Lego man and the narrator contemplating making them a castle. I can see you are varying your sentence structures. You might need a little help placing commas as this is quite tricky with sentences that are so advanced. Keep up the good work!

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