100 w/c – Aaron

There is a new thing called UFB, it is when there are two fighters in a bath and they fight but they fight clumsily. One day the first fight in UFB was happening. The fighters started to fall out and the crowd danced. After the fight the winner was decidedby who the most beautiful. After the fight they go and eat lots of oranges and have a nice bath. I can’t wait till the Connor McGreger vs Khbaib rematch, but this time in the UFB and I will be front row.  I’m also going to the weigh in.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – Aaron”

  1. I like how you made it about a fighters fighting each other in the bath. This reminds me of the ufc were they fight in a cage. I wrote about someone who found a ghost fighter. Next time you could make it make sense a little more. You could also make more interesting word choose
    happy writing Anderson

  2. Hi Aaron, this sounds very interesting and I think you ought to give it a go yourself! If you do as well in UFB as you have done writing this 100WC piece then you could be a UFB champion in no time. I like a good well thought out story and a well structured one, this is both of those things along with being a creative piece of writing. Well done.

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