100 w/c – Aaron

One day me and my four friends Mathew, Sean, Darragh, and Ross went through a portal and there was a Lego man saying welcome to Lego. We looked at each other and we were Lego men with ladybirds all over us. Then we walked into a dark, dark forest with a flashlight. We did not like being  Lego men as we were very scared because we had heard a rumour that if you went into the forest that you would be eaten by an unidentified creature. When we heard a roar we ran back.

The whole time it was a dream.

3 thoughts on “100 w/c – Aaron”

  1. Hi Aaron,
    Well done on your piece, what a dream! I know my daughter, when she watches Ninjago, would love to travel to a land where she can be a Lego figure. However, I am pretty sure she too would be freaked out by deadly unidentified creatures. Do you the think the loud roar came from the ladybirds? You’ll have to go back to the dream and find out!
    Keep up the good work,

    Ciara (Team 100)

  2. Hi Aaron
    I like your story because you used your imagination in turning you and your 4 friends into Lego. I wouldn’t blame you for running away from the forest.
    Great work from Matthew D Mrs Boyce’s class.
    Please comment on my story.

  3. Hi Aaron,
    I would love to travel to a lego world even if it is only a dream,
    I think you were lucky to travel their,
    I wonder what made that sound,
    I hope you have a great day,
    from Szymon, Mrs Boyce’s Class.

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